Planet Source Code CD: Java and Javascript Volume

Planet Source Code CD: Java and Javascript Volume 1.0

This CD is stuffed with hundreds of real-life working programs
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This CD is stuffed with hundreds of real-life working programs...not half-working, dry examples from some book. All code was rated either "very good" or "excellent" by actual users on Planet Source Code, not a non-technical book editor who has never programmed in his or her life. And Planet Source code is the largest public source code repository on the net and winner of numerous awards from companies like Microsoft, ZdNet, DevX and more.
Hundreds of topics in 27 different categories are at your fingertips, via the newly redesigned high-speed search GUI. Instantly zero in on thousands of complete programs, tips, tricks, articles and tutorials...without the download wait!
Plus, all proceeds go to support Planet Source Code's 4 monthly T1 lines, and help keep it a free resource for the entire programming community!
With Planet Source Code Jumbo Resource CD: Java/Javscript Volume learn how to:
create Java Internet enabled features like an Internet phone message program, multi-client server/chat, and Instant Messaging, create Javascript Internet site features like an advanced calendar control, frameless browser window, and a custom right click menu, create fun video games like Java Solitaire, Bomberman, Space Invaders, and Black Jack and complete programs like a Java chart generator, Internet connection speed tester and PaintShop!

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